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Our Values

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Values at the individual level arise from the reality of being human; business values arise from the reality of being in business and serving clients, employees and other stakeholders over many years.


Between the intrusiveness of tax laws and pervasiveness of technology, we are all vulnerable. Trust requires us to rely on the integrity, ability and character of others. We recognize how difficult this is; so we commit to it daily by way of our values and the pursuit of client-focused technical expertise. We care about what impacts our clients – there is no other way to run a professional practice.


Respect is a basic human right and fundamental to the way we run our office. Simply put, respect is the ability to value and honor another person, regardless of anything else; but we can only respect others to the extent that we respect ourselves.


Truth is the basis of both honesty and integrity.  Honesty is telling others the truth; while integrity is telling ourselves the truth. We insist on keeping truth at the front of our dealings with clients and with each other.


By combining our experience, training and expertise into a team, each client is assured the best outcome and highest level of service possible.


Our responsiveness is based on the fact that we care about our clients as individuals. We actually return phone calls, emails and texts. Sometimes clients need immediate attention to take action on opportunities right away. We get them the advice they need - competent advice, fast and accurate.


We try to stay abreast not only of new tax laws, strategies and risks, but also of major issues affecting our clients’ industries. With so many industries undergoing an excessive rate of change, proactive management is a strategic advantage.


Everyone has expectations of themselves and of others. Whether we hold such expectations consciously or not, they are very real. Our duty is to meet our clients’ expectations; their duty is to make those expectations known to us.